Review: Kjaer Weis Cream Blush

If you have 6 of something, it probably means you like it- at least a little. In this case, for the Kjaer Weis Cream Blushes, it's a LOT. Yeah, I like these a lot. 

I procured my first Kjaer Weis blush at CAP Beauty in New York City, where I picked up Lovely, a deep dusty berry shade. It was winter, and I was fawning over the berry-stained look. In store, I was immediately drawn to the heavy, luxurious packaging. Once you hold a Kjaer Weis compact in your hand, you'll know what I mean. It is the heaviest, most luxe compact I've ever felt. Chanel, Dior and even Sisley can't even compare. I remember going back to the hotel room and putting it on immediately with my finger tips, treasuring every moment of application, and hoping for the answer to my blush dreams. 

I was skeptical- cream blushes are usually not my favorite on my oily skin for longevity reasons (though I love using them on clients). But this unique formula is truly unlike anything I've tried before. I think the closest comparison I can make is to the Stilla Convertible Colors. They're both highly pigmented, cream-to-powder(ish) that apply smoothly without a sticky finish. The Kjaer Weis blushes are even more matte than the Stila. For the green beauty space, this is a truly unique blush formula, since most cream blushes (RMS, Tata Harper, 100% pure) have a dewy, shiny finish that looks gorgeous, but aren't necessarily as long lasting.

This however, is a truly long-lasting formula with a satin-matte finish. 

Left to right: Lovely, Happy*, Embrace, Sun-Touched*, Above & Beyond*, Dazzling.  *Kindly gifted to me by Eco Diva Beauty. 

Left to right: Lovely, Happy*, Embrace, Sun-Touched*, Above & Beyond*, Dazzling.

*Kindly gifted to me by Eco Diva Beauty. 

The shades: 

  • Lovely - A muted, cool-toned berry with mauve undertones 
  • Happy- A bright, tulip pink. Gorgeous applied lightly as a lit from within flush
  • Embrace- A light dusty pink, slightly cool-neutral. 
  • Sun-Touched- My favorite, everyday color. A warm, natural, pinky-nude. 
  • Above & Beyond- Surprisingly wearable bright orange-red. Similar to Exhibit A by NARS when applied, but easier to work with.
  • Dazzling- Bronze shade, that almost reads green in the pan, but on the face warms up to be a natural cool-toned bronze. 


Formula: Creamy and smooth, but with a slight grit to it. I actually like that 'grit' (an extremely fine grain) and don't find that it hurts the formula at all. The texture reminds me of Honest cream foundation. 

Application: Smooth, easy, and extremely blendable. I find that slight grit I mentioned earlier makes it more forgiving and easier to blend than a typical cream formula. 

Wear: The most long wearing green blush I've found. Lasts longer than creams like RMS or Tata Harper, and even out performs Alima Pure or Pacifica powders. 

Scent: No scent. 



  • Large range of colors, tend to lean on the warmer side which I prefer
  • Long-wearing, creamy, easy-to-work-with formula 
  • Heavy, luxe packaging 
  • No irritating ingredients 
  • Easy to apply with fingers, brush, or sponge- great for on the go


  • Expensive 
  • No mirror in the compact, though you can kind of use the reflective packaging

This is my holy grail formula for a cream blush, and I haven't found anything that compares. Everything - the packaging, the formula, the ingredients are all I could ask for. I don' have a ton to say about them because there's so little to explain or complain about! Get your little hands on these as soon as you can.