Sydney Kimiko

My goal is to enhance your unique beauty, naturally.

With 5+ years of experience in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, I have found my niche in natural, conscious makeup. I use thin, light layers of clean formulas to highlight your uniquely beautiful features. My approach to makeup is less is more, and to always work in delicate, light layers. Not only is this better for your skin, but it looks better, and lasts longer too. Clients often tell me that my technique is relaxing, and treatment-like.  

It's more than just makeup.

I believe deeply in ritual, and that taking care of and honoring your physical body is a form of artful meditation. Investing your time and money in your skincare and makeup is more than vanity, it's self-care. 

My story.

My journey to eco-beauty began in 2012 when I started to model professionally and struggled with my skin. On set, makeup artists would apply, remove and reapply makeup for up to 10 hours, and I would wake up the next morning with redness, irritation, and blemishes. I tried to solve the problem with more chemicals- everything from dermatologist-prescribed creams to drugstore face washes, but the result was always more irritation. One day, while sitting in the dermatologist’s office deciding whether to go on a round of antibiotics, I had an epiphany- the body is self-healing! The answer is not more foreign chemicals, it’s less. From that moment on, I have been transitioning my daily products to cleaner, non-toxic, organic options. Now, I hope to help women everywhere apply makeup that makes them look and feel their best, while using products that enhance their natural beauty with ingredients found in nature.

Modeling Representation:

Scout Model Agency: Jada Ogden 415.781.7004