Review: Max and Me

I'll save you the anticipation and tell you right now: I adore Max and Me. 

For the past 3 months, I have been using these five products in my routine, and my skin feels so happy. I never even got the usual winter skin blues- dry nose, crinkled skin, and itchy redness- nada. I've been taking a more minimalistic approach to my skincare routine, and I truly believe that Max and Me products have made my skin more hydrated, balanced and overall healthy. 

I could go on and on, but let's jump into the products. Please visit the Max and Me website to read their beautiful, literary descriptions of each product, you won't regret it. Also, don't skip the story behind their brand. If you love a good love story mixed with passion project, it'll make you smile ear to ear. 

sweet serenity balm371295862061006.png

Sweet Serenity Rescue Balm.

This little pot is potent. The smell is warm and green, with a lush floral note. I found it a little overpowering to use on my entire face (though very calming and not too heavy) but I instead used it as more of a treatment. I loved rubbing it into my elbows, cuticles, and under my eyes whenever they need some extra hydration. I found the balm to leave my skin feeling soothed, and protected, like it sealed in all the yummy moisture possible. 

Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash.

If you're looking to purchase one thing from Max and me and want to see instant results, this is the product I would recommend. I found that one small thumb-nail-sized amount mixed with about 7 drops of water was the perfect amount to cover my face. (I used less than recommended at once, because I didn't want to run out!) It's hard to compare this mask to anything, because it's unlike any other mask I've tried. It was the perfect balancing treat for my oily skin, as the clay and Manuka treated any spots I had, while the rich oils and butters deeply moisturized my skin. After gently massaging into my face to wash off, my skin felt clarified without feeling tight or dry. On the contrary, it was radiant, moisturized and smooth. 

I Am The Light. 

This is my little makeup secret... The radiant glow on my skin isn't from makeup at all- it comes from this. Starting with the scent, this oil has a more mild, light scent with an almost citrusy brightness, yet wise, mature depth. In the morning after toning my skin, I apply a few drops into my palms, and press this oil onto my cheeks and forehead, avoiding my nose where I tend to get more oily. Then, I apply a light layer of tinted moisturizer and let it emulsify with the oil. I skip the powder, and let my face soak in the hydration and glow all day long. For those with drier skin, this is the perfect daytime oil all year long. For me, it's lovely for the weekends and any time I wear my makeup for less than 8 hours. Any longer than that and my skin gets a little too oily for my liking, but I recommend trying this method no matter what skin type you have. 


This oil is like I Am The Light's nourishing, calming mother. It smells and feels like a warm hug on the skin, and pampers your skin. I use this as a nighttime oil or even spot treatment on any areas I need some soothing moisture. I always concentrate it on my cheeks and press the excess into my neck, breathing in the aromatic scent the whole time. I haven't mentioned this yet, but the entire Max and Me line has a thoughtfulness and a warmth in every single product. You can feel the intention in each bottle, and as you use the products, it radiates. That feeling is especially present in this product and the next one I'm going to mention. 

Purity & Grace

If you asked me what my favorite Max and Me product was overall, it would be hard to choose, but I think it would have to be this one. For the simple reason that it has replaced one of my staple products, Living Libation's Best Skin Ever. While I still adore my BSE, I've never found another oil cleanser that makes my skin feel as clean without any greasy residue- until this one. Again, I use this bottle sparingly, but I find that two pumps is enough to remove all my makeup with a warm flannel. When I'm in the shower, I pump the fragrant, floral oil into my palms, emulsify with a little warm water, and massage in circular motions all over my face. I try to really take my time each time I use this, savoring the moment and taking a moment to reflect and feel grateful for the moment. After removing with a cloth, I find that I don't even need to apply a moisturizer because my skin already feels hydrated- but I always do ;) 

Overall, my experience with Max and Me has been completely addicting. I've used at least one of these products every day since November, and even brought the entire line with me to India. If you travel with something, you know it's good. Beyond the products themselves which are stand-out (if you don't believe me, read other reviews and see the awards they've received) this brand is fueled by love, and it's apparent in everything from their product copy to their hand-drawn imagery. If you're new to the brand, I'd recommend Purity & Grace cleansing oil, and Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash, especially if you're new to green beauty. Anyone, no matter what skin type will see immediate results, and find the products to be unique. 

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to try the Max and Me line, and have already told all my close friends and family about the brand. Thank you to the Max and Me team for sending these products to me. Please feel free to comment with any questions and I would be happy to answer.