The majority of green cosmetics companies are women-owned, eco-conscious, animal friendly, and charitable, all while creating makeup made of organic materials like crushed flower petals, crystals, fruit pigments, and natural oils. By choosing these brands over conventional conglomerates you are helping to grow and encourage ethical businesses.

Additionally, while I never support fear mongering, a growing body of research shows that even minute amounts of chemicals can have unpredictable effects on the body. I prefer green cosmetics for the same reason I prefer organic produce; while it is a choice, and there is much debate on the subject, I opt to play it safe day to day. However, I keep a sampling of conventional products, and continue to test mainstream products to stay in the know of what makeup is capable of. 

Despite this research, switching to natural cosmetics is often the last thing people think about when transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. The task of finding replacements for your favorite beauty products can seem daunting. But I've been testing green products throughly for the past four years, obsessively trying every formula I can get my hands on, and comparing them to my conventional staples. I am confident that together, we can build a new, cleaner kit that you adore even more than your current one.


Beauty consultations.

I am excited to offer one-on-one green beauty consultations to Bay Area residents at The Hivery, Mill Valley, CA or at your home. In a one-hour session, we will discuss your skin concerns, how to amplify your uniquely beautiful features, and how to work a practical beauty routine into your lifestyle. Honor your body and grace your face with products that enhance your natural beauty with equally natural ingredients.




Personalized Green Beauty Routine

In this session, we will discuss your skin type, concerns, and personal style to develop a list of clean, high-performance product recommendations, and how to apply them. Are you a sunscreen and chapstick gal looking for a slightly more pulled-together yet equally effortless routine? Or smoky-eyed glam goddess looking for a product re-vamp? A sea of makeup products can be overwhelming, but I have some ideas for you! In this session, we will start from scratch and build your routine from the ground up. 



Makeup Application & Lesson

After speaking for a few minutes about your skin type and style, I will use some of my favorite products from my own kit to apply your makeup while explaining how to do each step, and what it accomplishes. I will teach you techniques that embrace your unique beauty and facial structure, while discussing the importance of self-care and adornment. You will leave with a fresh face of makeup, and easy, timeless techniques you can use at home. Feel free to bring your personal makeup kit if you'd like to discuss products you already use.

Teen Beauty Routine

Teenage skin has so much beauty and often so little to cover, yet many teens struggle to find a makeup routine that makes them feel confident throughout long school days. Whether you're a teen, or know a young woman who could use some cosmetic guidance, I would love to offer the advice I wish I had. Together, in a casual and comfortable environment, we'll replace products that may be causing irritation and walk through a youthful makeup routine that enhances your features and conceals blemishes.


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It would be my honor to help you discover new, beautiful clean beauty products, and guide you through a customized routine that inspires you and honors your personal, authentic beauty.

Recieve your customized routine including a one-on-one consultation, hard and digital copy of product reccomendations and steps for $180. Please email to set a date!